The Clarifying Collection

The Clarifying Collection for Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by an overproduction of sebum (oil).

It also tends to have enlarged pores. These things can be caused by a combination of factors: hormone levels, a diet rich in fats, or life in a hot and humid climate.

While skin that is oily will often be less prone to wrinkles, this skin type may be more inclined to have pimples and blemishes. The typically oily areas, often referred to as the "T-zone," are oily around the nose and forehead. It is important for oily skin care to include a regular and complete cleansing regime.

Products need to be gentle as well as thorough, so as not to over-stimulate sebaceous glands into producing even more oil. Our Clarifying formulas are designed to do just this.

Floralogic products are activated by you!

This guarantees that each application is bursting with the vibrant potency of a freshly made batch.

Purify your skin care routine.